Greg O’Shea shows off cardboard beds in the Olympic Village

Not the most comfortable material, but we love to see sustainability!

Greg O’Shea has landed in Tokyo and is showing fans around the Olympic Village. He told followers that he was delayed eight hours in the airport due to Covid-19 checks but he was delighted to finally make it to the athletes accommodation.

Having received multiple questions about the beds in his room, Greg showed followers that they really are made from cardboard for both a susatainability reason as well as a ‘social distancing’ reason so people don’t get a little too close…

He said, “They’re fully made of cardboard. I think supposedly the reason why they are made of cardboard is obviously so they can be recycled afterwards, but also to discourage any um… ‘activities’ I’ve been told. So yeah, cardboard beds! But they are pretty comfortable now, I have to say”.

Well at least they are comfy!

Greg also showed followers that he is close to the 24 hour dining hall which he was pretty excited about, wouldn’t we all be?!

Greg is playing for the Irish Rugby Sevens team in the 2020 Olympics. He told the Daily Mail this was a dream come true.

“It’s a dream come true. With me personally it’s all I have attempted to do since the Sevens became an Olympic sport back in 2016,” he said.

“Since then I have just been saying, ‘I have to go to the Olympics’. It is the pinnacle of sport…Every sport in the world and every person in the world knows what the Olympics is, so to play with my mates and get the recognition of being Olympians is unbelievable,” he added.

We look forward to seeing more behind the scenes of the Olympics on Greg’s stories soon!


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